How to get a Dragon to Visit Watsonia Library

Once upon a time the children who visited Watsonia Library wanted a dragon to visit. We contacted the great sage of Dance and Kung Fu, Sabrina. She tried to attract the dragons attention with an amazing fan dance.

But, alas, no matter how beautiful and elegant the dance, the dragon would not visit. The children decided to show how fierce and courageous they where, by chopping watermelons in a Kung Fu dance.

"Yes", the dragon thought."These children will make mighty warriors, but can they make ice-creams and rainbows?" The children showed the dragon their skills at making ice-creams, rainbows and even lollipops.

The dragon was still not impressed. He was use to entertaining kings and queens at his dinner table. Did the children know any royalty? Yes, the children did and they invited the Emperor and Empress to Watsonia Library to impress the dragon.

What lovely smiling faces. How could the dragon refuse a request to visit Watsonia Library. The dragon set before them one more challenge. Noise. The dragon knew the children from the Kingdom of the Wii, were great at noise, but the Children of the kingdom of Ribbon Dancing were not as boisterous. They gathered together and played rapturously with drums and cymbals. The noise was LOUD! Surely, the dragon heard that.Would the dragon arrive?

From the ether appeared the mystical, magical, dancing ...

DRAGON. So happy was he to be at Watsonia Library, the dragon danced faster and faster and faster ...

until he was exhausted. XIE XIE (Shee-yeh Shee-yeh)

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