Commuting with Kids

In my family I do the school drop off, pick up and am the taxi to all the various children’s extra-curricular activities. These are not long drives but lately we have been using these snippets of time to listen to audiobooks together. I use the BorrowBox App through the library all the time for myself (listening to various books as I walk the dog, vacuum or other fairly mundane tasks) but only recently thought to check out the kids titles. I bluetooth the audiobooks through the car and we have now listened to several different books in the last 3 months. What started as a very ‘mum idea’ is now something they ask for when they get in the car and even nag to sit in the car longer once we arrive.

Another positive point to mention is that my kids’ daily homework is to read for 15­­–20 minutes. This is sometimes a struggle for the younger one who still really needs to read to someone and not just by himself. I am a mum that works full time and after all the activities, it can sometimes be difficult to fit the reading in, or can be late and he is super tired when we find time. So a couple of times a week he can write the listening to audiobook down in his reading log. I love that he gets to just enjoy stories without the pressure and chore-like feel of reading himself.

The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris
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The Magic Misfits was a longer, less simplistic and not as overtly humorous title than our previous adventures but I thought it may appeal more to my older child and challenge the younger. It is read by the author Neil Patrick Harris who did a fantastic job or creating the world and giving the characters distinct voices. (Though for some reason I couldn’t stop picturing him as Count Olaf from the Lemony Snicket, Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix series as he read.) I loved that it contained some lovely messages about friendship and team work and being yourself.

So, I asked my kids to share their thoughts...
These are their unprompted words. Only spelling errors have been corrected.

Liam, Aged 9 (nearly 10)

The book is interesting because it tells you how to do magic. There are different characters that can do different types of things like lock picking, disappearing, levitation, and transformation. I sometimes have trouble reading books. Listening gives me knowledge to read myself and be a stronger reader. Listening with other people means if I don’t understand something I can ask someone else. The narrator had good expression. I learnt not to steal. I am looking forward to the next book.

Chloe, Aged 12

I thought that it was a good story. I liked that it gave me something to do in the car while mum was driving and me and my brother were there. The Magic Misfits included real life tricks, facts and scenarios, so it taught me a lot. I would like the next book to come out because it left me hanging which is really annoying! The story ends up explaining the title and in the end it all makes sense. When we were listening and we had arrived at our destination most of the time I would want to keep listening unless it was the start of a new chapter. If you like mysteries and surprises – here is a good book. I would recommend this book because it makes reading fun and you get to always be reading. If you have BorrowBox read this book, if you don’t have BorrowBox get it because there are many other good books like: the Frankie Fish series, Charlie and the War against the Grannies, Charlie and the Karaoke Cockroaches, Netball or Nothing, Polly and Buster, Truly Tan and Holes.

PS: you may like to get the book and follow along.

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The Magic Misfits (book)

The Magic Misfits (eBook)

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The second book has just come out! Get into it! My kids and I are listening to it now. 

Magic Misfits

The Second Story




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