CEO Reads: Six of Crows

Six of Crows

Do not be put off by this being marketed as a Young Adult novel as it will definitely appeal to fantasy/adventure readers of all ages.

This novel found its way to my To Be Read pile when it was announced in January 2019 that Netflix had acquired the rights to bring this story to the screen. It will be a fascinating and dark series that will be an instant hit with current Bardugo fans and will bring new fans to her books just like it attracted me.

In Six of Crows we have a cast of misfits, an impossible heist, and dangerous criminals on the hunt for this gang of youths aiming for the impossible.

Kaz Brekker is the criminal prodigy at 17, walks with a noticeable limp and has a thing about being touched – in that no-one dares it – ever! He is the mastermind, driven by revenge for the death of his brother, Kaz brings together his team of thieves and criminals – each with their own demons driving them and all aware that this heist maybe their very last. Kaz is offered an enormous sum to steal a scientist with the formula for a secret drug that can augment the Grisha’s powers from Fjerda's Ice Court – so well guarded as to be known to be impossible to breach. And those that are caught end up very dead. Anyone who holds the drug formula will have enormous power and a lot of money.

Throughout the novel, the reader is immersed in the thoughts and feelings of each character as each chapter tells the story from their perspective.  At the end of the novel you know them all really well, are really desperately hoping they succeed with plenty of moments of suspense, horror and admiration for what they go through and struggle with them regarding the ethics of this terrible drug.

It really was a joy to read, a wonderful adventure that kept me turning the page, eager to find out the next twist, challenge or mishap. The world-building is really good, the characters are wonderfully individual and engaging. I really recommend this to everyone, not just fantasy readers, who love a good adventure, a quest where disparate characters start to grow as friends and a novel where diversity in characters are included. Overcoming childhood trauma, terrible parents, shame, greed and racism all are flawlessly integrated in this adventure story.

And even better... it is a trilogy and I will definitely be reading Volume 2.

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