CEO Reads: Joe Country

Joe Country

This is the latest instalment in the Jackson Lamb series and if you have not caught on to this very uncommon British spy series before, I do recommend it to you with the first in the series being Slow Horses.

I have written about this series before in my Top Thrilling Reads 2018 list, and wait with great anticipation for each instalment, and of course we are left with another cliff-hanger ending so I am definitely ready for the 2020 edition as well!

Fiercely, darkly funny the writing is literary and the plot lines are a labyrinth of spy upon spy, with surprising action when you might least expect it.

Jackson Lamb remains cynical, obese, obscene, with a scotch in one hand and a cigarette in the other, showing his concern for his ‘Joes’ through harsh observations and apparent lackadaisical supervision. But no-one goes after his Joes without retribution, regardless of how hapless his Joes are, and Lamb’s spy-craft remains top of the game despite his lack of physical health, even if those who he is in charge of have been bumped to the B-Team at Slough House for mistakes in the field.

Up after London Rules and introduces us to a new character, Lech Wicinski, delegated to Slough House after child pornography has been found on his laptop which he protests is not his doing. We also get to know more about the main spies, Jackson Lamb the Spymaster himself, Catherine Standish his Assistant, her alcoholism taking an alarming turn after the revelations in London House, Roddy Ho, the total loser IT analyst whose opinion of himself never suffers from the reality, and River Cartwright, caught up in a family of spies with the death of his MI5 grandfather and the return of his deadly ex-CIA father, Frank.

All come together for an explosive action based novel where the less honourable try to find honour in their actions.

Definitely a 5-star read for me.

Slow Horses

London Rules

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