CEO Reads: Hourglass


This memoir proved absolutely delightful. Intimate, elegant, and brutally honest, Shaprio has woven a gorgeous memoir of her marriage over time.

This was recommended to me by the author, Sarah Schmidt (See What I have Done, 2017) and I am so glad to have read it.

Even the visceral nature of the book itself, small and fitting into the palm of my hand so easily, was a delight and it truly was a joy to read.

Dani and her husband M (another writer) have been together for over twenty years and this work takes us into their home, their relationship, and their concerns and gathers together in one place the fragments of a long relationship and what makes it worthwhile. I also recently read The Girl on The Page, which has at its core a couple who are literary writers and married for 50 years and this is a great lead from that fictional work as the reality of Dani and M’s life as writers, money, aging, memory also are sometimes causes for growing anxiety.

Long term relationships mean we fall into roles within the marriage. Are these roles locked in? What happens when foundations are rocked, roles are being challenged and the financial future is uncertain all of a sudden? All is explored in this elegant, little book.

This is a memoir in ‘bits’, with bits from the past, bits from other writers that inspired, and bits from a life lived. It is frequently moving as we come to know Dani and her thoughts more intimately and this memoir is courageous in that alone. ‘The span of years! The selves we shed and shed – only to have them rise within us once more’ Dani lets us see these selves to connect us to time passing, the ebb and flow of her marriage, and the connection that happens at her breakfast table over the years.

Totally recommend this as a delightful rainy weekend read.

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