Books VS eBooks?

Hard copy VS digital? Print books VS eBooks? There is no war raging, they are not in an epic battle to the death. You don't have to pick sides, you are not locked in for life. The rise of eBooks will not extinguish the printed book. They both can serve you and your lifestyle. That's right... have your cake and eat it too. You can have both!


Did you know that Yarra Plenty Regional Library has huge digital collection that you can access for free?

You might be attached to the particular scent of books, and that will always be waiting for you at your local library branch when you pop by; however, the pace of life is frantic - and library visits don’t always fit into the schedule.

While everything from shopping to phone calls have benefited from the digital revolution, reading has too. You don’t have to replace all your paper reading with eReading - but there are some definite advantages.


In Your Pocket

You might forget your book - it happens all the time, and all of a sudden you’re stuck on your 45-minute commute with nothing to do but mindlessly scroll through Facebook… again.

Don’t worry - while you’ve got your phone out anyway, have a browse through the eBook collection available through YPRL and start a new book on the spot. Or, if you’re still waking up, perhaps an audiobook is more your style?

By reading eBooks, you will no longer need to make those difficult decisions about what books to pack when you travel, or take up precious luggage space with heavy books. Accessing Libby or Borrow Box (download the free apps!) from your device while you travel means you can read whatever you feel like, whenever you want it, and still save plenty of bag space for souvenirs - or more paper books!


The Magic of Adjustability 

Another benefit of eReading is that you can adjust the print size. If your eyesight is a factor when deciding what to read, eReading means you’re no longer limited by what large print books are available at the library. Reading eBooks means you can adjust the font to what suits you. Also eAudiobooks allow you to adjust the speed of the narrator. Do your ears listen as fast as your eyes read?


Ultimate Life Hack

Multitasking is THE best life hack and audiobooks are the busy persons lifesaver. Listen while you... drive, clean, commute, walk the dog, wait at the doctors, sit at the hairdressers, garden - basically anything!


eMagazines are A Thing Too!

We have eMagazines, too. 300 different titles actually! Rather than trying to make time to pop down to the newsagents, or pay to maintain a number of magazine subscriptions, you can always have the latest edition of your favourite magazine available on your digital device. eMagazines have no wait time and never expire or need to be returned.

You can also access digital editions of The Age on your PC or tablet.

Say goodbye to the teetering pile of unread back-issues in your lounge room!


Get Started

You’ve got the whole world in your pocket with a YPRL digital membership! You can get started straight away, with or without an existing YPRL membership.

Sign up, browse, download.

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