Booked Up at the Emerging Writers Festival

Booked Up was the title of a conference held at the Wheeler Centre and hosted by the Emerging Writers Festival.  It focused on programming, making sure it is relevant and well marketed.

Conferences are great for three reasons. They can consolidate or express what you innately know but have not put into words, they inspire you past your comfort zone, and they allow innovative and reflective conversation with new and old friends. Booked Up did all this, even without coffee!

I know programs must be relevant, and that libraries have an obligation to provide space and support for all voices, but having it expressed by the speakers clarifies the way I think things through. The way we engage our partners and proceed through intelligent rather than reactive planning was also a highlight in clarifying my approach.

Being addressed by someone who introduced himself as a Millennial was a great way to glimpse an organic approach to social media, rather than the slight panic I usually experience when engagement at this level is expected of me. Davey Simmons presented some very basic concepts around the effectiveness of marketing in this way, explaining the algorithms Facebook uses to curate content for individuals.

These are his points:

  • People outrank businesses, so post as a person
  • Things of interest to your friends will be assumed to be of interest to you
  • The popularity of a post will make it more likely to appear in your feed
  • Sponsored posts come after these three in likelihood of appearing

People scroll through so quickly, you need to have a super catchy heading to make them stop. Videos are more interesting than a photo, and photos more than just text. Videos need to be less than 7 seconds, and the more amateur looking the better. Davey was not a great advocate for sponsored posts as they go to your known audience anyway, unless you wish to reach a targeted demographic. For example, a parenting talk can be aimed at new parents in a particular postcode. It will know you are a new parent by the topics you have been researching!

So the tip I have used form the conference is the value of tiny unprofessional videos – like this:

These are our least borrowed books for the last month. Any hidden gem catch your eye?

Posted by Rosanna Library on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Works a treat.

Margaret Breare, Community Coordinator at Rosanna Library

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