An Evening With Miss Fisher

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Tonight is the night I have been waiting a year for, the night one of my favourite book series leaves the pages and becomes reality. Which one I hear you ask? Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries of course.

Tonight I have completely cleared my schedule, no one or nothing will stop me sitting down with an ice cold gin martini (with an olive of course) and turning to ABC1 at 8:30. No one and nothing. Tonight it's about turning back time to Melbourne in the 1920's and meeting the eminent Honorable Phryne Fisher, not to mention all the others that inhabit her world.

As a reader, I love this series. I love opening one of the books and losing myself in the world that Kerry Greenwood has created. I get a tingle down my spine imagining what Miss Fisher's world is like and learning things about Melbourne that I never knew. Add in the fact that I love 1920's fashion and the wide variety of topics and ideas that this series mentions (such as Surrealism, something I'd never heard of before or the colour changing effects of cyanide on certain metals) and I become a very satisfied reader.

My one apprehension about tonight however, is if the TV series can live up to the way that I've imagined this world in my mind. Will Miss Fisher be as sharp and refreshing as I picture her? Will Dot Williams be as meek and demure? And will the TV Melbourne look like an authentic 1920's Melbourne? I'll be looking for all these things tonight.

Here are my top 5 reasons for watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries:

  1. Meet the sharp tongued, quick witted Miss Phryne Fisher.
  2. Become absorbed in the mysteries that twist and evolve.
  3. See a version of Melbourne that has been hidden in the past.
  4. Be introduced to Bert and Cec, two hard working ANZACS trying to make a living.
  5. Enjoy the variety of all things that this series has to offer.
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