An Unconventional Addiction

I don't drink. I don't smoke. BUT, I am addicted to my family history/genealogy pursuits.

It hasn't always been this way. It started off innocently enough, as these things tend to do. A half hour here, an hour there, until all of a sudden I spent the whole of last ANZAC Day down a rabbit hole on Ancestry. Up until about 5 years ago, I gave little thought about in-depth studies of where I came from. Of course, like most people, I had the rudiments of who populates my family tree. Then a school assignment from my daughter's teacher requested names, dates and so on of ancestors long gone. I knew some details, but my interest was piqued and there was no turning back!

I started my research via Ancestry and Find My Past, courtesy of the library. How great to be able to access these founts of information for free in the library! This meant I could only do so in lunch breaks etc. But, I then moved on to coming to my local branch on days when I wasn't working, to feed my addiction! The more knowledge and gems of information I found, the stronger the addiction became! I then indulged myself completely and took out an Ancestry membership so I could continue my pursuits from home, plus did a DNA test. That took me down further rabbit holes and unearthed people and information I was totally unaware of! I sleuthed away tirelessly and found a convict! Some family members I unveiled this to were amused... others not so much! To my husband and daughter's high amusement, I found an ancestor back in the 1600s whose surname was Blacader. (We are all fans of the TV show Blackadder, opens a new window.)

 So, my pursuits continue. As well as the many databases and websites available today, there are a number of genealogy groups meeting in many of the library branches where one can share resources, problems and amusing stories. So, I highly recommend going forth and discovering your family stories.

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