Plenty of Minecraft: April News!

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31 March, 2022

March Build Challenge: Library

For the first month of our Minecraft server we've celebrated by hosting a build competition to design your own library building! Server members have been hard at work creating some awesome and unique designs including libraries with a selfie room, minecart track and hanging garden!

Today is the last day to finish (or start) a build with the challenge and there's some limited edition in-game titles up for grabs for the best build.

Check out our Plenty of Minecraft page for details on how to join!

Minecart track by builder Michael

Lantern lit pathway by builder Lucktrain

Hanging garden by builder Joshua

What's On in April

April brings in a new month and  new game modes for our server! The theme for April will be Player Vs Player (PvP) where you can compete in challenge modes against other players to see who ranks the highest. For the first week in April our server administrators will be testing out various game modes, like Bedwars, to see which works the best.

For the upcoming school holidays we'll be hosting some special events on our server, the whitelist will be disabled so even if you're not a member you can still participate. Check out what's happening in the School Holidays and sign up and compete in these challenges!

Server Update to 1.18.2

A minor server update will be happening to version 1.18.2, this is likely to happen in the first week of April as we set up for the new gamemode. If you can longer connect make sure to check in on our webpage and check what version the server is running on.

If you run into any issues feel free to email for assistance.

Keep crafting and we'll see you in-game!

- Plenty of Minecraft Mod Team

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