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Is your child a Reluctant Reader?

YPRL Staff

1 July, 2024

As parents, many of us wish our children would read more and love reading. But reality for many families is that reading can be seen as a chore or a task that your child does not find very enjoyable.  

What is a reluctant reader?

The term ‘reluctant reader’ refers to a child or young adult that is not engaged in reading. There can be different reasons why children can be reluctant to read. Some might include:  

  • Children that are struggling with basic reading skills and dislike reading because it is becoming daunting and difficult.  
  • Children that would much prefer to do other things like running around, playing sport, or playing with friends.  
  • Children that are very selective about what they will read. These types of readers need to be genuinely interested in the topic to even consider reading the book.  

Try Non-Fiction

Have you explored our Junior Non-Fiction collection at the library? A great strategy for encouraging your reluctant reader to enjoy books might be trying some factual texts in areas they are interested in. Even following instructions on how to make something creative or reading about interesting people counts! We have so many great books about animals, transport, dinosaurs and many more! 

For the Sport Lover! 

Would your child prefer to run around and play sport, rather than curl up with a book? Our library has quite an impressive collection of series related to many different sports.  A sport related series might be just enough to hook your child in to giving reading a go! 

What is your child loving at the moment? 

What is your child busy doing in all their spare time?  

Are they building all kinds of different LEGO® creations? Or spending all their time drawing. Do they like to cook or bake in the kitchen? 

Why not tap into these interests and provide your child with some books based on their hobbies?  

YPRL has such a wide range of LEGO® books as well as craft and drawing texts. We even have some great Minecraft books if the words ‘creepers and the overworld’ mean anything to you! 

Visit a Library Reading Dog 

Yarra Plenty Regional Library’s Reading Dogs Program is aimed at creating a safe environment that builds confidence in reading and communication skills while in the company of our volunteer dog. 

Most branches have a reading dog that you can read to after school, there's even one that comes monthly on a weekend. See all sessions

Have you tried a graphic novel?  

Graphic Novels are quickly becoming more and more popular with younger readers. With illustrations so heavily used to tell parts of the story, this kind of visual literacy can help to increase reading comprehension therefore making the experience more enjoyable for a reluctant reader.  

Choose you own Adventure! 

Remember ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books?  

These books are written with the reader as the protagonist and can be very enjoyable and engaging for young readers. The reader is given choices about when or when not to turn the page or where they would like the main character to go next, therefore changing the path of the story! 

A New Reading Environment 

Try reading at different times in different locations. Visiting one of our branches could be a great place to start! We have so many comfortable and quiet places to curl up and read a book. A weekly visit to a library close to you, might help spark a love of reading for your child. 

Motivating your child to love reading and fulfill their potential can seem like an impossible task for some children, but trying some of these tips to encourage your child to see the value in reading could be a great place to start! 

Don’t forget all our wonderful librarians are always here to help. Bring your child into one of our YPRL branches and we can chat to them about some books they might enjoy. We know the right questions to ask, don’t worry! 

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