Audiobooks for the Reluctant Reader!

YPRL Staff

16 January, 2023

Are your kids not enthusiastic readers?

Don’t let that stop them from participating in the Big Summer Read. Audiobooks are a great way to introduce books and stories to your youngest non-readers.

Play them in the car on those long summer road trips or have them playing in the background during some screen-free craft time.  

Here are some recommendations for audio books for all ages!

It’s never too late to start your Big Summer Read reading log. Especially when all these books are available 24/7 at the touch of your fingers with BorrowBox

Classic Magic – Written and read by Mem Fox 


This is a delightful reading of some of Mem Fox’ best loved stories, including Possum Magic, Wombat Divine, Hattie and Fox and more. Read by Mem herself, littlies will be enchanted by her story telling. A lovely way to introduce your children to audiobooks and some Aussie classics. 

Isadora Moon Goes to School – Written by Harriet Muncaster, read by Katy Sobey 

Too young for Netflix’s Wednesday? Try Isadora Moon!  

Half vampire, half fairy, totally unique! She loves the night, bats and the colour black, but she also loves the outdoors, using her magic wand and the colour pink. Isadora and her companion, Pink Rabbit, navigate the difficulties of starting school together. Perfect for those starting school this year, or anyone who is a little bit anxious about returning. 

Who knew books could be as good as TV? Well, librarians of course! 

Funny Kid for President – Written and read by Matt Stanton 

This librarian may be biased, but the best audiobooks are read by the authors themselves. For fans of fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and Big Nate, Funny Kid lives up to its name.  

Max is running for class president. During election season he will have to deal with poop scandals, stalker ducks, surprise debates, psycho sports teachers, tell-all interviews and the great library vomit-a-geddon (thankfully not at one of our branches!) 

A great option for fans of comic books, or those who are starting to read chapter books without pictures. The hard copy of Funny Kid does have images throughout, the audio book version will help kids to use their own imagination to fill in those pictures. 

Crowfall – Written by Vashti Hardy, read by Daniel Casey 

For the primary schoolers who are into fantasy, robots or may have an interest in the environment try out this new fantasy series, Crowfall. This one is for those who are interested in reading and are starting to transition into longer chapter books but find it difficult to focus for long enough. 

High adventure and invention with an ecological twist, from the Blue Peter Award–winning author of Wildspark and Brightstorm. This reading is full of beautiful descriptions of both mechanical technology and the natural environment, in between exciting adventure scenes.  

The Boy From The Mish – Written by Gary Lonesborough, read by Meyne Wyatt 

Meyne Wyatt delivers a dynamic performance of Gary Lonesborough’s tale of first love, identity and the superpower of self-belief. This celebrated novel is perfect for your young adult who is too cool to read. It’s funny and heart-warming and the references to Biggie Smalls might just be enough to get the most reluctant reader on board. 

This one is for young folks who aren’t into fantasy or dystopian worlds, they just want to engage with stories that are about people like them. It’s just great characters growing up on "The Mish", a property in Victoria's southwest, originally an Aboriginal mission. 

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