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Arts and Culture - This blog will reveal all the arts and culture happenings at the library branches, opportunities for local artists, and other relevant local events and information.

Children and Families Blog - A blog for families. From children’s events and activities to book recommendations to the importance of literacy. Also includes blog posts about Summer Reading Club. 

eLearning and Technology - Tech! Info, gadgets, equipment, events, recommended reads, online learning resources found here! 

Events Blog - Any blog that relates to an upcoming event can be found here. Themed events, special events - it's a smorgasbord. 

eBook Blog: Flip the page - The wonderful world of e-books - lightweight, backlit and instant large print!  Talking about e-books, reviewing e-books and thinking about e-book-related issues.

Foodie Blog - As the titles suggests. Food and cooking! Reviews and recommendations of cookbooks and demonstrations held in the library.

Genealogy Blog - Find out about and discuss on genealogy events and featured books and online materials.

Language Learning - Resources, collection, events and groups to expand your language skills. 

Library News - Regional Library News   Branch News - News from a single Library Branch. 

Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing - health and fitness tips, titles and events. 

Local History Blog - Find out about and comment on local history events (including walking tours, guest speakers and book launches), new additions to the local history library collection, and view featured images from the collection.

Magazine Insider - Discover the breadth of the magazines the library holds in branches and online and be the first to know about the new magazines and the most interesting content. 

Maker Spaces @ YPRL - What are they, where are they, what's happening in them and how can you get involved?

Music Blog - musical mayhem!

Nature and Environment - Calling all Green Fingers. Find out what's happening in our community gardens, events relating to sustainability, food swapping, gardening, growth and produce.

On Screen - Reviews and discussion on movies and TV shows as well as events: screenings in branch and more .

Share Me - Information of interest to public library staff. Highlights from conferences, tips, industry trends, research and resources. 

Yarra Plenty Reads - Find out about upcoming author readings, interesting books (reviews and recommendations) and YPRL writing group events and more.

Youth Blog - Not kids anymore, not yet adult? Watch this space!

Blog Contributors - Follow the library staff profiles to see what they are reading, listening to and watching!

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