Parents, this one is for you….

So your kids have been doing pretty well at school.  They're doing something that vaguely resembles what they are supposed to do, not too many cranky phone calls from the teachers, there's evidence that they're learning new things..... And then comes Summer in a blaze of heat, dirty feet, sweaty armpits, day trips and icy-pole-sticky…
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Fiction and feeling

Today I turned off the news. Why? Well, some of this was down to simple irritation and frustration. Empty political finger-pointing, distant despots, xenophobia and an endless procession of short-sighted fools. It drives me nuts.    The rest?  I'll admit it - I can be a coward. It's not pretty, but that's what it is…
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See what [she] has done….

See What I Have Done is a completely immersive, utterly coercive, sensory experience. Reading this book is like clawing your way into someone's skin, sitting inside them like an alternate personality.  It engages every one of the senses.  After it ends you are left with an echo of rotting mutton soup on the tip of your…
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