Meal Planning on a Budget

Meal planning in a time of quarantine is proving to be challenging. During times like these, supermarket visits are shorter and further apart. Simple meals are often the way to go. Deciding the recipes beforehand can help, as well as looking for seasonal vegetables and fruits which are cheaper when they are in season. Going…
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Green Tomato Jam

So, what to do with these beautiful green home grown tomatoes? Turn them into preserves of course. You can find plenty of recipes for jams, pickles and chutneys both in books and online that use green tomatoes. The challenge is narrowing it down to ones that are both appealing and that you feel confident enough to create.
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GLAMour online

If you haven’t already watched the cuddly creatures webcam at Melbourne Zoo, then you should. But after so many hours of snow leopards, you might need some online viewing with a bit more … dialogue … depth… dare I say culture? Galleries, Libraries And Museums are producing stimulating online programs to stir the synapses.
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Pathways to Business Online

Unprecedented times in a rapidly changing world presents a challenge for businesses as the online world beckons. Whether you are a seasoned business or just getting started launching yourself into an online business requires different skills and approaches. Here are some ways your library service may be of help.
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