Greensborough Honour Roll

A new title for the Local History Collection at Diamond Valley Library: The Old Borough was good enough: the Greensborough Sunday School Empire Honour Roll 1914-1919 and other servicemen from both World Wars was compiled by Bryan Henderson after his search for the missing Greensborough Sunday School Empire Honour Roll and his interest in local…
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Retiring Digger CD-ROMS

It is increasingly difficult to support genealogy CD ROM’s which use the Digger© software. The software has not been updated in line with update of equipment and operating systems. These products represent Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory births deaths and marriages indices, as well as other indices including the Victorian Inquest index…
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Meet Cedric at State Library Victoria

Have you explored the digitised collections at State Library Victoria?  A number of collections have been curated and can be explored via the Cedric link  here. Collections include: Melbourne Street Directories - 1912-152 Victorian Groundwater records Journal of commerce of Victoria and Melbourne Mufti 1934-2000 Football Record Victorian Historical Journal 1911-2012 Records of Coles Myer…
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