Poppies for Remembrance

As part of the 2015 Anzac Commemoration, the 5000 Poppies project will be “planting” a field of more than 5000 poppies in Federation Square Melbourne as a stunning visual tribute to Australian servicemen and women for more than a century of service in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.  Over 9000 poppies have in fact…
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The first eBook?

An electronic version of Peter James’ 1993 novel Host, which was published on two floppy discs, is to go on display in London’s Science Museum as the world’s first electronic novel. But is it really the first? Debate rages – at least in the Guardian. What do you think…
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eReader news

What’s happening with the SONY eReader? The news is that SONY will be closing its North American eBook business and not selling its eBook readers on the North American market. But don’t panic yet - SONY will still be selling eReaders in Australia. It’s an excellent product and works perfectly with our Bolinda and Overdrive…
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