Sanctuary – Melanie Franklin

  My living room My library My sanctuary   The place where dreams come alive My world transforms And begins anew   A room of discovery Adventure and wonder Waits around the corner   My safe place My escape route From reality   My living room My sanctuary My home   Copyright Melanie Franklin 2013…
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Firefly Magic – Patsy Coverdale

  Rainforest hides its lights on humid nights As we reside where jungles died. My open window and my light entices fireflies in flight. Their flashing nearly blinds me yet They pass inside mosquito net. For fairyland has sprung about my bed Above my head. Transfixed I lie. Suspended thus in starriness Each silent floating…
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Toilet – Rochelle

  Lets sit on it You flush You flush You flush You flush You sit on it You clean it You need to clean it It has a septic tank It is screwed to the bottom of the floor It has pipes It has a seal It has a bowl This is the ladies toilet…
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