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Check out the individual blogs of the YPRL staff for ideas about what to borrow next!

Magazine Insider - Discover the breadth of the magazines the library holds in branches and online and be the first to know about the new magazines and the most interesting content. Brought to you by the Mag Lady.

Genealogy Blog - Find out about and comment on genealogy events and featured books and online materials.

Librarychef 2.0 Blog - Hello and welcome to my blog. I will be writing about cookbooks; what I like about some titles and which ones I steer clear of. (Generally I don't go near any of the more haute cuisine ones, which contain recipes that require hard-to-find ingredients or ones that need to be picked on the left-hand side of a hill in Tuscany at dawn.)

Flip the page e-Book Blog - Ivanhoe Reading Coordinators Tina and Mary will introduce you the wonderful world of e-books - lightweight, backlit and instant large print!  Each week we will be talking about e-books, reviewing e-books and thinking about e-book-related issues.

Did you know…YPRL has extended its downloadable collection by adding e-books from Bolinda, which previously only supplied audiobooks.   And…If you are using a iPad to read your ebooks and want to borrow some of these you can download Bolinda’s BorrowBox app from the iTunes app store to make borrowing easy.